Resusable medical face mask with 2+1 ply

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100% cotton handmade in UK

Resusable medical face mask with 2+1 ply

to filter the air from virus coronavirus covid19

Face mask to filter the air you breath, with earloop, handmade in the UK, made with 100% cotton.


Few examples of available fabric and colours.

Handmade reusable face masks, 100% pure cotton, handmade in UK.They are made with 3 filtering layers, 2 layers are made of 100% cotton fabric and the central layer will be an interchangeable dry wipe that must be inserted each time the mask will be used (the wipes are like the ones used for babies but must be dry).

The central wipe is interchangeable and must be replaced and disposed after each use (daily at least, or more often depending on the usage). Then the cotton mask with the external and internal layer, must be washed after each use at least at 30 or 40 degree. After it is washed, it can also be ironed (or vaporised or disinfected using alcohool or boiled in water), just to make 100% sure the high temperature or the alcohool will kill any residual potential impurity in the cotton.

For this reason it is good to have two masks (one ready for the use when you are washing and drying the other one).

If you don't want to use disposable masks this could be an ideal solution against air impurity, flu, virus, pollen, dust.
There are several colours/patterns and different fabric variations available.
Watch, choose and order the one you prefer. It will be prepared and sent to you as soon as possible.
You will also need to advice if the mask will be for an adult or a child because those for children are slightly smaller in size.

Colour available:

- green (colour 1)

- white orange (colour 2)

- pink (colour 3)

- light blue orange green (colour 4)

- light blue green pink (colour 5)

- deep green (colour 6)

- brown with wave pattern (colour 7)

- light brown with flower pattern (colour 8) 

- brown and green vintage (colour 9)  

- beige orange green blue (colour nr 10)

- light blue (colour nr 11)

- white orange blue gray (colour nr 12)

- deep blue orange green (colour nr 13)

- khaki light brown black (colour nr 14)

- black white (colour nr 15)

- khaki black white light yellow (colour nr 16)

- black beige (colour nr 17)

- black beige square (colour nr 18)

- gray white heart (colour nr 19)

- owl red brown pink white (colour nr 20)

- red white (colour nr 21)

- beige white (colour nr 22)


Resusable medical face mask with 2+1 ply

>> Ebay link to buy this item now <<

£ 17.00 + 6.00 delivery cost (to send to the UK)


Please feel free to ask for any other information needed.


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